Simplifying life within a Gated Community
Enabling a safe, secure and engaging community for you and your family!
Take total control over security and your community with GateIn
A comprehensive community management Software
End-to-End Software With Features To Centralize All Aspects Of Community Management
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Gate Management

GateIn allows you to take total control over your check-in and check-outs within your gated community. Keep track of all your check-ins and checkouts with the ease of notifying your visitors to the security through the GateIn app. Gatein enhances the security check ins by verifying all guest and visitor entries through the Gatein Security app.

Household Management

Gatein enables the owner to have total visibility in their day to day household activities. Raising a complaint will be a breeze with Gatein as you can easily raise complaints and track the progress. Gatein also alleviates the owner from the pain of having to approve regular visitors into their premises by adding them into their household, allowing all working residents to be at peace as they are fully aware that their family is safe and secure in their home.

Society Management

Gatein facilitates the committee members of the community to engage and manage the communications within the community. GateIn takes the hassle and headache away for the committee by providing a control center through automated maintenance bill payments, digitizing accounting & billing, facility booking, easy accessibility and registration for owner & tenants, helpdesk & more functions at a click of a button.

Approve Guests from Anywhere

Gatein community management software provides a mobile app based gate management system that ensures a smooth, quick and pleasant entry-exit experience to all your visitors at the same time while ensuring optimum security for the premises by restricting unauthorized visitors from entering.
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Connect Seamlessly with the community

Gatein lets you have all your community related updates and conversations at your fingertips! Gatein allows the committee to have their important discussion relating to the community, feedback on the event that was conducted recently, and even meeting minutes to go unnoticed.
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Hassle Free Maintenance

As a resident, paying your due maintenance and as a Committee Member, keeping track of your community payments can be a hassle. Gatein alleviates this pain by enabling an easy way to pay and manage your maintenance and any other community payments via the Gatein App.
Hassle Free Payments